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  • 28 Feb 2017 1:53 PM | Anonymous

    by Lisa Quast | Forbes | February 13, 2017

    So you took my advice and have been working on becoming a more likable employee, but still feel like you’re not earning respect at work? Maybe it’s not just about what you should start doing. It can sometimes also be about what you need to stop doing.

    If you want to earn more respect at work, here are 10 behaviors you need to stop. Right. Now.

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  • 07 Feb 2017 1:53 PM | Anonymous

    By Amy Cuddy | Harvard Business Review | March 20, 2013

    For women who may be “leaning out,” Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s urging to “lean in” requires some behavioral changes and deviations from how many women are expected to or accustomed to behaving. Fortunately, we have the power to do this for ourselves, through tiny tweaks that actually reconfigure our brains in ways that may make us more assertive, confident, relaxed, risk tolerant, and fearless.

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  • 09 Jan 2017 5:31 PM | Anonymous

    Laura Vanderkam | TED Talk | TEDWomen 2016 | October 2016

    There are 168 hours in each week. How do we find time for what matters most? Time management expert Laura Vanderkam studies how busy people spend their lives, and she's discovered that many of us drastically overestimate our commitments each week, while underestimating the time we have to ourselves. She offers a few practical strategies to help find more time for what matters to us, so we can "build the lives we want in the time we've got."

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  • 03 Nov 2016 8:24 AM | Anonymous

    by Anne Deeter Gallaher | The Huffington Post: What's Working | Oct 31, 2016

    They’re the largest generation to enter the U.S. workforce and every business owner and talent recruiter is trying to tap into their DNA and engage them. These 18-35 year olds are 69.2 million-strong and wield a powerful voice. They are our future. How do we persuade them to work for us and bring their passion to our companies? 

    First, we need to understand them. Are they really that different from Gen X, the Boomers, and the Greatest Generation? Not really.

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  • 17 Oct 2016 12:08 PM | Anonymous
    by Dr. Camille Preston | Corporate Wellness Magazine

    As McKinsey & Company researchers report, when executives are in flow, they are five times as productive and up to seven times more creative. This means that flow is about more than feeling great—it’s also good for the bottom line.

    Today, a growing number of top executives are recognizing the value of flow and exploring how they can increase flow across their workforce. Create More Flow (CMF) was developed to respond to the growing need for actionable strategies to increase flow in everything we do.

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  • 20 Sep 2016 11:32 AM | Anonymous

    Andy Kocemba | Nashville Business Journal | Sept. 20, 2016

    Fall is my favorite season — cool, crisp air, shorter days, and football. I don’t even mind the hundreds of thousands of leaves in my yard. The hours I spend clearing them away provide ample time to think.

    But for some, fall can be a somber time. The gray skies and fallen leaves can be a reminder that certain things need to die to make room for the new life that will come with the spring.

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  • 07 Sep 2016 10:12 AM | Anonymous

     Carol Kinsey Goman | Forbes Business | Jan 16, 2016

    Leadership presence, that illusive but “we know it when we see it” quality, is a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, send all the right signals. It’s how you show up, how you make others feel, and how effectively you communicate both verbally and non-verbally. It’s the “wow” factor that sets you up for the next promotion and gives your career that extra boost.

    That’s what leadership presence is. Here is what it is not:

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  • 24 Aug 2016 8:05 AM | Anonymous

    By Elevate | August 9, 2016

    Laura Vanderkam is the author of several books about time management, including "168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast" and the recently released, "I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time."

    In her recent Jam Session, she talked about some of the myths that surround working women and time management and 10 strategies for making the most of the time you have.

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  • 25 Jul 2016 11:35 AM | Anonymous

    Steve Olinsky | Forbes | Mar 29, 2016

    Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or a teenage entrepreneur just starting out, communication skills are vitally important. Great leaders motivate, encourage and inspire. They also train people, share new ideas and negotiate. These activities have one thing in common: They all require excellent communication.

    Here are five communication skills that make good leaders great:

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  • 20 Jun 2016 8:09 AM | Anonymous

    by Dr. Samineh Shaheem | Huffington Post Blog | Dec 13, 2014

    One of the most discussed elements associated with employee performance and profit is great leadership. The various molds of a triumphant trailblazer that we have created throughout the last two or three decades promises a fictitious character that’s meant to either appear as a new aspirant or an existing associate who’s inundated with training courses, assessments and coaching until they’re ready to heroically save the day!

    While the skills, experience and competence of this Super Leader is important, placing too much emphasis on the custodian, without adequately addressing the behaviors, attitudes and competencies of the people they’re leading, results in a narrow analysis and incomplete diagnosis of why a good leader might be doing a bad job.

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